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        Figure whose number:GS(2009)383

        ??Jilin province longhua measurement and control co., LTD is a professional engaged in industrial monitoring and control instruments more than 10 years, through hard working, with good product quality and brand image, perfect after-sales service, won the domestic and foreign customers consistent high praise. To better serve the broad masses of customers, our company decided to each sales region are designated special sales team to serve customers in the region, the emphasis in the future and determine sales area set up sales and service outlets, service for the customer demand to make rapid response.

        ??Perfect sales network is one of the company's core competitive advantage, at present our company sales network covering the whole country each big boiler manufacturing company for coal-fired power units, five big power group, the local thermal power plant, petroleum chemical industry, iron and steel company, the pharmaceutical industry, papermaking industry and military industry etc many fields, and exported to Russia, Brazil, India, Turkey, Thailand, Taiwan, more than 20 countries and regions, our company successfully for qinshan nuclear power plant, and form a complete set of tianwan nuclear power plant level gauge products and oil overseas projects for more than 300 sets of form a complete set on the liquid level meter, American GE company supporting the level products, has constructed the layout, my company at home and abroad market enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad.

        ??We sincerely thank the domestic and foreign customers for their support and love for many years. We hope that you will, as always, care and support, I companies to cooperate with us, working together, we will provide our customers with better products and services. Export countries: Russia, Brazil, India, Jordan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and more than 20 countries and regions.