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        ??In order to commend the advanced, stimulate motivation, inspire morale, accelerate the growth, and mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of the city's private economy, on January 18, changchun held the 2013 municipal economic work conference, the city of 100 innovative enterprises were commended.

        ??Changchun municipal party committee, municipal government called on all levels of party committee, government and private enterprises in the whole city into learning the spirit, the party's 18 fully practice the scientific outlook on development, conscientiously implement the national, provincial, municipal, private economy and enterprise development policies and measures, efforts to create a loose good environment for development, actively optimize structure and the transformation and upgrading, and strive to foster the subject of entrepreneurship and the real economy, and promote faster and better development of private economy and enterprises, to the city's economic development, social harmony, improve the livelihood of the people and the construction of changchun happiness make new greater contributions.

        ??Jilin longhua measurement and control equipment manufacturing co., ltd. was rated as "changchun 100 innovative enterprises" 52