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        ??To strengthen learning and communication, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements transfer, organized by Chinese academy of sciences, changchun branch of changchun technology transfer center and my company a gui-ping sun chairman of seven people, on August 10, 2017-11 in a research institute, Chinese academy of sciences, institute of learning advanced experience and transfer of scientific and technological achievements transformation, and the project docking and the exchange, three projects reached a preliminary cooperation intention.

        ??During the investigation, the leaders of the institute and chairman sun guiping had a detailed discussion on issues related to the cooperation. A research institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences gave strong support to the investigation, introduced new and high technologies and other aspects, and explained in detail the contribution of the institute to the development of national defense industrial science and technology.In the process of investigation, director sun guiping deeply felt the rapid development of science and technology in China, advanced technology.In addition to the shock, our company has repeatedly said that we will make greater contributions to the country in the field of liquid level measurement and material science.