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      1. Boiler drum capacitance level meter
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        boiler drum capacitor level gaugeLHDR-1.6~32 series


        ??LHDR-1.6~32 series boiler drum capacitor level gauge is a level gauge based on the principle of capacitance measurement. It uses tomography to compensate for the effects of changes in temperature and pressure by measuring the dielectric constant of the liquid and vaporous media in the cylinder. After the arithmetic processing, the 4-20 mA current signal conforming to the industry standard is output, and the RS485 digital signal can also be output.

        ??The level gauge dynamically compensates in real time during operation, minimizes factors such as temperature and pressure changes, and has good long-term stability. It is a full-case, cost-effective steam drum level gauge.


        ??Two-wire current loop.

        ??It has a steam condensation chamber structure.

        ??The tomography technique is adopted to continuously measure and compensate the change of the dielectric constant of the liquid and vapor medium.

        ??The level gauge achieves automatic calibration during the process of draining and adding water.

        ??Good long-term stability.

        ??Good electromagnetic compatibility.

        ??High temperature resistance, high pressure resistance and long service life.

        ??No manual involve in the setup, fully automatic adaptation.