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        wave induction type level switchLHFW-B


        ??LHFW-B wave induction type level switch is mainly used for measuring the coal level and powder level of the thermal power plant and the gray position of the ash silo. It is of great significance to keep abreast of the storage capacity of materials, ensure the fuel supply of boilers, and ensure the safe operation of thermal power units. At present, although there are many kinds of level measuring instruments, there are not many instruments that can meet the requirements of the harsh working environment of high temperature and high dust in thermal power plants. LHFW-B wave induction type level switch has strong ability to adapt to high temperature and high dust, and obtain accurate and reliable physical measurement information in production. It is very important to improve the automation of operation. It is an advanced material monitoring equipment.


        ??The adoption of advanced military technology and the selection of high-quality components have make it of high reliability and practicality.

        ??The metal protective cover design and high temperature insulation material isolation treatment eliminate the influence of static electricity and high temperature on the measurement.

        ??Electromechanical combination, reasonable system architecture.

        ??Excellent design structure and good stability.

        ??Control is simple and unattended.