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        Furnace Monitor TV System of High Temperature Air-cooled Endoscope PrefaceLH-NQ


        ??Summarizing worldwide technology and experience, LH-NQ furnace monitor TV system of high temperature air-cooled endoscope is one new system that adopts up to date technology. It is used to monitor the flame inside furnace in the fields of power station, steel plant and petrochemical works.

        ??This system is an important equipment of Power Station to monitor the flame inside furnace. Operators in the control room are able to observe on the screen of the monitor the kindling, normal combustion and dying out of flames situations in the furnace. It is able to enhance safety and high efficiency of furnaces in production.


        ??Adopt special and heat-resisting needle-eye periscope, wide view angle (>90°) and high resolving power. Lens is made of heat-resisting materials and its forefront is sapphire. So it improves heat-resisting, corrosion-resisting and life of camera lens greatly.

        ??Camera probe needn’t cool by water. It needn’t subminiature cooler too. It needs small amounts of compressed air or nitrogen to blow lens. Overcoming the disadvantages of water-cooled lens as jamming easily, corrosion easily, making water, short life and etc, heat-resisting lens can be cleaned automatically. At the same time its installation and maintenance is easy. So the cost of the project is small.

        ??Adopting heat-resisting and corrosion-resisting materials and special structure design, the shield of camera lens can protect high temperature lens and camera. The structure design of camera probe is simple and reasonable. Its maintenance is convenient and its life is long. The front casing of the joint attached to the furnace wall adopts super alloy. So it can endure more working load. The outermost part of the camera probe adopts aviation materials to insure to use probe long.

        ??Image collection unit adopts low illumination, high dynamic scope and color image sensor with high clarity. Adjusting aperture with high temperature lens made in our company, it can insure to observe clear image in furnace.

        ??The advance/retreat unit adopts synchronous motor to drive. It can be electric or manual. The whole system structure is simple, compact, exquisite and its weight is light.

        ??Control probe to advance or retreat and adjust aperture in the control room. Control probe to advance or retreat on the spot. In case the pressure of compressed air or the temperature of the camera probe is lower or higher than the limited value, the camera probe can be withdrawn automatically. As soon as the camera probe is out of the furnace, the door will automatically shut the view hole and send alarm signal.

        ??The controller is equipped with DCS interface and it can control DCS and FSSS system communication.