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        ??Jilin L&H Measure and Control Co., Ltd. is dedicated to its expertise in design, development, manufacturing, sales and service of industrial monitoring, measure and control instruments and meters. Founded in 2005, which is located in beautiful Jingyue Economic Development Zone, Changchun City, China. By demonstrating its strong comprehensive technical strength and performance, the Company has been officially accredited and honorably awarded “China Contract-keeping & Promise-honoring AAAAA Unit”, “High-tech Enterprises”, and “Changchun Patent Model Enterprises.” Moreover, it has been manufacturing credentials of a number of boiler safety accessories and measurement instruments. The company boasts the quality of its advanced manufacturing and inspection equipment, associated with its perfect production technology and skillful personnel in production and inspection. It has passed the certification of ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System as well as Conformité Européene (CE) in European Union (EU), which provide a reliable guarantee for production and quality assurance.
        ??Having a product research and development center, the company also makes strong technical cooperation with renounced universities and institutes such as Electric Power Research Institute of Jilin Province, Jilin University, Northeast University of Electric Power, China Agricultural University, Changchun University of Technology, etc. Moreover, we are consisted of a group of first-tier engineering experts and technicians in the industry to exhibit an outstanding R&D capability of our products. Our exceptional product technologies and proprietaries to keep up with the advanced level of product lines internationally.
        ??The Company has offered sales and supporting services for large and medium-sized domestic manufacturers of boilers, auxiliary engines, and steam turbines over the years. Our products, used in various fields of electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, steel-makingand so forth, have been applied in China's large-scale scientific research ship “Yuan Wang” class and other military facilities, which are exported to more than 20 countries and regions including Russia, Brazil, India, Jordan, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and Indonesia.
        ??To welcome our brighter future, we continuously innovate the world leading contact type liquid sensors and new intraocular lens, which have gained significant recognition in the industry. Our goals of the Company are to provide better measurement and control products and services for the increasing number of clients and to establish the first high-tech brand of measurement and control products in China, reflecting our corporate core spirit – Reliability, Gratefulness, Courage, Innovation, Disciple, and Pragmatism.